Jillustrations Website Portfolio


Daniel Wickwire

2013 - 2014

A photographer's site for his professional work.

I helped him buy his domain name and web hosting, and I created a photo site that loads as quickly as possible and has a very modern look and feel.

Gorgeous by Doris

2006 - 2014

Two salon co-owners each do two different systems of hair extensions, so they needed a total of four websites. I used their existing web hosts, helped them purchase additional domain names, and stayed well within their budget by hosting their secondary websites out of directories on their existing Web hosts.

I wrote all wording, scanned actual swatches of hair for the tables of colors, and formatted all of the photos of their clients.

Lately, I added Search Engine Optimization code and wording.

Enchanted Tea

2011 - 2013

A small tea company needed an overhaul of their existing site, as their business evolved. The overall look was designed by the proprietors, and I used their current web host and online merchant service. I also assisted them with the purchase of a domain name.

They sold the business in July 2013, so only my archive of the site remains.

Abundant Healing


My client wanted to add a page about arnica lotion to his site (created by another web designer) and keep all existing formatting.